Holds me. Fucking shakes me. Stop stop no more. Come back. It’s okay. You are okay. You are with me. Holds me to his chest.
Do you hear that? My heart. My love. Do you hear it’s steady beating? You, my sweet, will be fine. His words. Echoing. Swimming through every stream I am.
My blood. My love, my blood is filled with your name. And in my tears, you are. Languid and wet. Streaming down.
You are everywhere, my love.

How lucky I am to have such love in my life.

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8 months until i’m 21~~

cool. cool cool cool.

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i found a leather jacket made for build-a-bears in my closet so naturally i had to put it on my cat

i’m TOO DRUNK for cats in tiny jackets rn jesus fucking christ HOLD ME

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Today’s wall. 

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