she was in so much pain bless her heart


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LOOK. Working at a sex toy store DOES NOT give you the permission to hit on me, touch me in any way, or any other form of sexual harassment. It ALSO does not mean that you can grab a whip we are selling and start whipping your friends in the store. This is a job, and just like any other job, be fucking RESPECTFUL to the employees, the products and to the space. I am so tired of people taking advantage of service industry employees. Just because we have to be cordial to you, doesn’t mean you have the right to flirt with us and make lewd comments. Fuck you.


Caldwell Linker - All Through the Night

EC: Looking at All Through The Night, the importance of archiving queer communities really struck me. I’ve never actually seen Pittsburgh’s queer community so represented. What do you think is the importance of the archive for queer culture?

CL: I feel like, in many ways, Pittsburgh is pretty typical of lots of cities where you have to put some effort into having a queer scene, and I think it’s typicalness makes Pittsburgh important.  Queer scenes in general are super important.  I’ve been documenting queer communities for much longer than I’ve been in Pittsburgh, and I didn’t move here just because I thought the scene was something that needed to be documented.  I moved here for other reasons, and just kept doing what I’d been doing for a long time, which is documenting what is around me, which is generally a queer scene of some sort. 


literally forever would just rather be riding my bike

cat asking for a pet

how did i jUST see this now??? it’s purrrrfect <33

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IrelandBBaldwin : this one is for you @iamabfalecbaldwin

I cannot tell you how much I love this pic because my two Queen in the same pic *scream*

i can’t think of a better feeling than coming home from a long bike ride and sitting in the bath and letting every tired weary muscle relax